Archangel: A vibrant multi colour yellow, red and purple. This colour varies significantly between batches.
A little girl reaches towards the camera while playing in the forest while wearing a Little Twist Headband. Shown in Verde Azul. A little girl wearing our Little Twist Headband looks towards the camera. Shown in Archangel. Abril: A multi tonal purple. Archangel: A vibrant multi colour yellow, red and purple. This colour varies significantly between batches. Arco Iris: A bright and vibrant multi colour of orange, pink, green and purple. This colour varies significantly between batches. Arequita: A multi colour pale green, mid green and blue with flashes of grey. Azul Profundo: A multi tonal deep sapphire blue Azules: A multi tonal blue with streaks of darker blue and purple. Baja Eléctrica: A vibrant bright pink with flashes of bright purple. Belgian Chocolate: A deep, multi tonal brown. Black: A very true and dark black. Boreal: A multi colour purple, yellow, blue and green. Looks like the Northern Lights. Coronilla: A light golden brown with a deeper brown layered on top. Cucumber: A minty pale green. Cyan: A bright sky blue. Garden Gate: A deep charcoal with hints of navy blue. This colour can also be much more navy with flashes of grey. Glazed Carrot: A bright mid tone orange. Indicita: A slight iridescent, multi colour aqua, purple, blue and gold. Laguna Negra: A bright gold colour with flashes of pale grey. Lluvia: A multi colour purple with muted gold. Lotus: A grey-pink colour with flashes of electric blue. This colour varies significantly between batches. Our current batch it a bit brighter then is shown. Matisse Blue: A vibrant cobalt blue. Melon: A peachy pale pink. Ochre: A multi tonal slightly golden yellow. Oxido: A multi tonal red with highlights of rusty red and brown. Pagoda: A deep multi tonal burgandy. Paris Night: A multi tonal navy with flashes of black. Peidras: A multi colour gold, purple, grey and green. Very Autumnal. Colour varies significantly  between batches. Plomo: A multi tonal mid grey. Porhinno: A bright baby pink with streaks of grey. This colour varies significantly between batches. Quequay: A mid tone purple with flashes of gold, light green and pink. This colour varies significantly between batches. Ravelry Red: A bright scarlet red. Sheri: A multi tonal dark purple with flashes of green and navy blue. Solis: A multi colour mid tone blue and green. This colour varies significantly between batches. Sombras: An aged bone colour with an ash tint. This colour can also lean very grey. Verde Azul: A multi colour with mid green, pale blue, bright blue and some yellow. This colour varies significantly between batches. Whales Road: A deep navy with flashes of electric purple and teal. Zarzamora: A multi colour deep green and mid purple with flashes of lavender.

Our perfect cabled headband sized down for all the little folks out there. 

Each hand measures approximately 7 cm (2.75 inches) tall and 21.5 cm (8.5 inches) across when flat and is knit from the same super cozy and warm hand dyed merino as the rest of our products. I recommend this size up to the average 6 to 8 year old depending on head size. If you are looking for a size smaller then our adult size but bigger then this one please feel free to email us to talk about a custom size.

Our yarn is certified OEKO-TEX 100 and is also created by a company who holds themselves to a very high ethical and sustainable standard. 

Our items are all hand wash and dry flat. I encourage you to check out Soak Wash to use on your delicates such as our products. It is an amazing biodegradable wool wash and works amazingly. Soon we will have it for sale as well.

Please note that since I used hand dyed yarn each batch can vary slightly. Also please note that I wash all knits before shipping in a no rinse wool wash to remove any remaining dye residue and finish each item. If you have an issue with scents please let me know via email or when checking out so I can ensure that I use my scent free wash on your items!

Also please note that my yarn is currently sold out worldwide. Any colours I can't currently access are listed as sold out. You can request notification when I am able to order them again. Any colours currently listed as in stock or made to order I have right now.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and I will get back you to ASAP.