Hand Dyed Socks
Hand Dyed Socks Hand Dyed Socks Hand Dyed Socks Hand Dyed Socks

Many have been asking so here are our brand new socks!

Our socks are hand cranked on our Earlbacher Circular Sock Machine. They are then finished by hand.

We use a stunning hand dyed sock yarn made by the same company as the rest of our yarn. It is certified Oeko-Tex 1907/2006 CE standards, with a view to achieving the maximum energy saving. It is 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon. The higher wool content makes them super warm and very cozy and the small amount of nylon adds extra durability to your socks. We also include a small amount of repair yarn with your order. You can easily learn to repair socks (YouTube has a ton of great videos!) or you can bring them back to us and we can repair them for a small fee. Since our socks are repairable they can easily last a decade or more of wear!

 After purchasing we will contact you to discuss what size, leg height and foot width you would like. These are all adjustable. We can make the leg any height you like and we can make any shoe size you need. Currently we have two widths. The first is approximately 8 inches around and the second is approximately 9 inches. The smaller size is a very average common size while the larger is commonly worn by those who need a slightly wider shoe.

We will be adding more widths in time so if you need an extra wide or narrower size please contact me (emma at mainstreetknits.com) and I will add to your my notification list for when I get them.

Please note that all our yarn is hand dyed and variations are inherent in the hand dyed process. More colours will be coming in the near future but if you are looking for something different you can always check out our one of kind sock selection. Each of those is unique and unlikely to be repeatable.