Where do the projects you sell come from?

I make everything I sell by hand in my home in Ottawa. 


Can I have the specific item in one of your pictures on the product pages?

It is possible. The pictures I use are to give you ideas of what is possible. It depends on if the yarn I used is still available and if I am able to acquire it. It also depends on what the copyright on the pattern is like. If you want one of the items in my photos please contact me directly to ask.


What is the timeline on getting a piece of knitwear from you?

The timeline is dependant on a few things. How long I estimate to make your item, the length of time required to acquire materials for your item and shipping time. I will give you a estimate after we finish our discussions on your item. I am also happy to send you weekly updates and include photos if you want.


Where do you get your materials?

That depends on quite a few things. There are a few stores in my city which I can get materials from. Once we discuss what you are looking for I will check with these stores. If I cannot get what you are looking for I will then check with one of the stores I frequent which has an online store. If I have to do that obviously it will take longer to get your items to you. If you prefer I can order yarn from an independent dyer to support more small business. However all of this can be discussed between us. 


What can I request for custom knitwear?

You can request anything you want. I can and do make clothing, accessories, scarves, shawls, mitten, hats, cowl and anything else you can imagine.


I have ethical concerns about using specific forms of yarn. Can you work with these?

Of course I can. Please contact me and I will work with you to to find a yarn which both suits your needs and respects your ethics.


I have questions about what is the best material to use for my item. Where can I get info about this?

You can contact me directly, or visit my materials page. There I do my best to answer any questions you might have before you know what they are but if I missed your question please feel free to ask.


Will you do wholesale orders?

Yes I will consider wholesale orders.


I want something which is not available in your store. What do I do?

If you want to order something I do not have available please send me an email. I have not had the opportunity to price everything I can possibly make. If you email me I can get back to you within a few hours with an estimate and we can work from there.


If I missed your question please feel free to contact me directly.