Our Materials:

The yarn I use in all my designs comes from a smaller company who works out of Peru. The company has a closed loop waste water system to minimize chemical and dye waste getting into the local water stream and are certified Oeko-Tex 1907/2006 CE standard. 

They also hire largely local population and pay a good wage to ensure they provide for their skilled workers. 

I only use natural fibres to avoid more microplastics getting into the water stream as well.

I do my best to minimize waste by using up as much of each ball of yarn as I can. What very small amounts are not used to make items to sell are either composted, if they are very small, or sold/traded to other local artists for them to use in making wall hangings or doll hair. 

My little hair clips are made using small amounts of leftover yarns from bigger projects or from leftovers from friends to ensure no yarn goes to waste. There are a few inches of yarn left over from making those but those very small amounts are sent off to another yarn company who recycle yarn scraps into a new and glorious tweed yarn. 

All my designs are intended to be reasonably long lasting and easily repaired. Further to that I do offer a repair service both for our items and for knits of all kinds from my customers. Far better to repair the damage and keep the item out of the landfill!

Lastly, I pay myself and my partner a living wage for our city while we are working to ensure that we are fairly compensated for our time in creating all the items I sell.