Tiny Handmade Flower Hairpins (Snap Clips)

How adorable are these little hairpins? The appliqué for each little pin is made by myself before being attached to a high quality hair pin. Each order of pins gets you two individual pins packaged together. The flower on each hairpin is approximately one inch across.

Pins are available in all the colours listed. If you would like a mix of colours (one each of two different colours) or if the colour you are looking for is not shown here then please choose the custom two pack option. After you order we can discuss what colour you would like. There is also the "Surprise Me" option. This option lets me choose what colour you get. You can specify at check out if there is a colour you truly hate so that I will not pick that for you. This option is the only way to get the one of a kind colours which I have for sale at in person shows. These colours are ones that are made with discontinued yarns or colours and thus are not repeatable. 

Turn around for any not in stock colours is about 30 hours (to allow for making the appliqué and allowing the adhesive to cure). 

If you have any questions or concerns please send me a message and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Category: crochet, custom, hairclip, hairpin

Type: Hairpin

Vendor: MainStreetKnits

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