Sale-Triangulate Cowl
The Triangulate Cowl in colour Indicita, is worn by a woman in a brown leather jacket. Autumn coloured trees in the background. A smiling woman with pink hair wears a Triangulate cowl in the 'Plomo' colourway tucked inside their jean jacket. A smiling woman is wearing the Triangulate cowl in the 'Laguna Negra' colourway. It's tucked up just over their nose as they sit in front of a brick wall background. A closeup shot of the Triangulate cowl in the 'Plomo' colourway, worn underneath a unbuttoned jean jacket Sale-Triangulate Cowl

The idea of the outlaw bandana is what inspired this one. A tall cowl which can be pulled up over your face in windy, cold weather. At the same time there is a point in the front which can be tucked into your coat to keep you extra cozy. The cowl is 23 cm (9 inches) across and 44 cm (17.25 inches) tall, laid flat. 

Each cowl is made from a hand dyed merino wool. Please note that while I do the best I can to photograph each colour accurately each batch of this yarn can vary due to its hand dyed nature. If you have any questions about the colours or fit please contact me and I will answer your questions as soon as I can. 

Also please note that I wash all knits before shipping in a no rinse wool wash to remove any remaining dye residue and finish each item. If you have an issue with scents please let me know via email or when checking out so I can ensure that I use my scent free wash on your items!

My designs are all one size but if you are concerned about fit please email me and we can talk about adjusting the fit for you! I offer free sizing adjustments on all my products for my customers. 

We are non longer using these colours so they have been put on sale. Once they are gone, they are gone! 

Enjoy all winter can throw at you and look fabulous while you are at it.